“You’re not buying another kitchen utensil. You are investing in a family culinary heirloom designed to last generations.”

Thomas J. Wilder, President

Made in the USA

Stainless Stone is crafted in Minnesota from the highest food grade USA sourced stainless steel. It is hand finished and packaged in Red Wing, MN.

Flavor Preservation

Unlike cast iron, copper, or coated cookware, Stainless Stone is non-reactive and will not transfer any metallic properties or taste into your food.

Lifetime Guarantee

Stainless Stone carries a lifetime guarantee never to break. Stainless Stone can handle the heat!

Unparalleled Conduction

Stainless Stone conducts heat 20x better than the conventional clay stone!

Low Maintenance

Stainless Stone is easy to clean with soap and water. Stainless Stone never needs to be seasoned, unlike low carbon steel products, which rust without continued maintenance.


Stainless Stone can be used in the oven, gas and electric kitchen stovetop, gas and charcoal grill, campfire, and even your wood fired brick oven. You can bake, grill, sauté, slow cook, and sear with your Stone!